Incakiwi Shop

Under Incakiwi I usually provide group and private Spanish classes in Lower Hutt, as well as online Spanish classes, but sometimes Incakiwi goes to big markets and fairs around Welington region, selling some beautiful, colourful and unique artisanal products from Peru, which I brought with me after every visit to my family in Peru. Please have a look at our Facebok online shop and if you’re interested in any product, just let me know.



NEW Spanish for Beginners class in Petone

If you always wanted to learn Spanish in the morning, but couldn’t find a place to do it, this is your chance! On Wednesday 14th October I’m starting a new beginners class for the community, aimed at people with very little or no Spanish experience.

Come and join the new Spanish community class at the Petone Community House every Wednesday from 9.30-10.30am for $10 each class! 

Let’s have one hour of Spanish in a relaxed and fun way, where you will gain conversational skills from day one as they learn the fundamentals of this beautiful language.

The Spanish classes at the Russell Keown House (Queens Drive, Hutt Central) will continue every Monday evening, too.


Learn Spanish today in Lower Hutt

I’m happy to announce that the group Spanish classes at the Russell Keown House in Lower Hutt (on the corner of Queens Drive and Laings Rd) restarted on Monday 8 June. I thank all my students for their patience. It’s been a challenging time for everyone and some of us needed to wait a bit more just to make sure it was safe to restart.

We started on March 9 and we had only two classes in total before lockdown. We’ve got three group classes every Monday and enjoy very much our sessions. If someone wants to join the classes, just contact me and we can see if any of these classes would suit you.  

But if you prefer to learn Spanish in a more customised way from the comfort of your home, your office or a place that suits you best, private lessons on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups of two or three are also available.