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Maribel is the best Spanish teacher that I have ever had, and I'm going to tell you why...

#1 - The most obvious and more important "why" is her sweet and incredibly upbeat, positive personality. She remains determined, even when her students are doubtful in their abilities. In some moments, I felt discouraged and overwhelmed by the language but her confidence in me kept me going.

#2 - Maribel takes all of the hard stuff and makes it so easy! She is familiar with every grammar rule in the Spanish language and takes the time to work with you, accommodating to your preferred learning style. She makes her intentions clear from the start, customizing her lessons to meet your learning needs and she absolutely follows through.

#3 - Maribel has a very wide range of experience teaching Spanish to all ages. She taught many classes during my time with her, but no matter her busy schedule, always made enough time for me. I also believe the fact that her fluency in 2 (going on 3) other languages assists her understanding of the complications in her native tongue and helps her to identify with the struggle of each student.

I could list more reasons , but alI that really needs to be said is that Maribel helped me immensely in achieving my Spanish language goals. I came to her with previous knowlegde of the language (barely intermediate), but I lacked a lot of learning. Maribel made each lesson fun, educational and she even helped me with questions while "off the clock"! Because of her I now have a DELE certification that proves my fluency in Spanish and it only took me a few months with la mejor profesora del mundo... Maribel Vargas.
Caleb Shoop
5 April 2013
Maribel is an ideal Spanish professor. Her expertise goes well beyond being polylingual. Maribel has a systematic approach to learning languages and customized her program to my individual needs and interests. Additionally, I never felt silly or embarrassed practicing my beginner Spanish with her. I look forward to working with her again.
Jonathan Shanin
5 September 2013
Dear Maribel, It was great having you as my Spanish teacher. Your technique is great, easy, simple and entertaining. You do this with your heart. I wish I had more time to practice Spanish with you. I think you should give lessons online so that from one end of the world I can still benefit from your knowledge. Gracias por todo!
Makaroni Bertoluci
31 March 2014
Dear Maribel, I really enjoyed the two days of Spanish lessons with you; they were fun and at the same time very useful! You prepare nice exercises for the lessons and can explain the sometimes complicated rules very well, especially all the verbs which don't always make sense in English :-)! So gracias por todo!
Rosalien Jezeer
22 February 2015
Maribel thank you for being so patient with me and my husband and friends! As I told you, you are one of the nicest, sincerest, kindest peruvian we have known here and we are really thankful that not only we have met the best spanish teacher but also a great friend. To anyone looking for a spanish teacher who can share not only lessons but also a piece of her life and Peru, I highly recommend Maribel.
Rorie Ann Chiapco Quibael
8 March 2015
A big thank you to Maribel for helping me learn Spanish since July 2015! She was very patient and professional throughout the duration of our lessons & I know that I have improved a lot and am now much more confident in my ability & comprehension for when I travel to Central & South America later this year. I would definitely recommend her to other students as she is both an awesome teacher and an awesome person. Muchas gracias y saludos de Nueva Zelanda!
Carl Henkel
25 April 2016
Maribel is a great teacher! My husband and I took some lessons with her before a trip to Spain. I had learnt (and forgotten) a bit of Spanish previously but my husband was a complete beginner. She coped admirably with our different levels and was unfailingly patient with us! The lessons were good value too and she came to our home at a time that suited us. Highly recommended!
Alison Duncan
20 August 2017
Maribel is a fantastic teacher, I really enjoyed all my classes with her. She is very patient, understanding and also very flexible when it comes to scheduling the classes. I also liked the teaching materials she provided, they were easy and fun to work with.
Svenja Ja
20 August 2017
Maribel is a great teacher with a clear accent and she's really easy to understand, looking forward to the next classes.
Lucas Frey
16 October 2017
!Hola! y Kia ora! I've been attending Maribel's beginners' classes in the Newtown community centre and would really recommend them if you want to get started with Spanish. Maribel creates a fun, encouraging and safe atmosphere and provides useful tips, vocab and heaps of opportunities to practice as well as useful tips about life in South America. I'm looking forward to being able to have some basic conversations with people when I go to Spain in February - thanks Maribel and best wishes for your viaje a Peru!
Jude Douglas
6 December 2017
Maribel is a great teacher. Her way of teaching is very organised and understandable. She has got warm and nice personality as well. Love her class!
Mayumi Yumi Marcotte
11 August 2018
Maribel is a very kind and patient teacher, and her classes were one of the highlights of my week! Highly recommend.
Laura Somerset
15 August 2018
I have known Maribel for over two years. Initially I met her in 2018, when she was delivering weekly Spanish lessons, at the Community Centre in Newtown, Wellington. The classes were very relaxed, we discussed every day matters and Maribel also instructed us the construction of verbs and tenses. Maribel made the lessons very enjoyable and fun, which enhanced our learning. She is very encouraging to her pupils, and very patient with those who are slow learners or reluctant with homework. After her son, Oscar was born, Maribel met with 2-3 of us at the local library, it was more relaxed and we mainly participated in conversation Spanish, which was much appreciated. We miss her very much now she has left Newtown.  I would certainly recommend Maribel, she is excellent in her delivery and makes Spanish relevant to the pupil.
Sambrene Chandler
17 June 2020